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The EzyBrace grips glass panels for temporary bracing during intallation.

Every Glazier know that having their Balustrade or Pool Fence aligned and plumb can mean the difference between a satisfied client and a difficult client.

Just try getting your quoted price from them if the glass is out of alignment!

The EzyBrace head is convertible from Top-Clamp to Dual-Clamp mode.

The 12mm Spacers allow even clamping force when on the top edge of the glass.

The number of EzyBrace required depends on the size of the panels, wind loading and the configuration in which you use the EzyBrace.

In low wind situations, use QuickClamps to reduce the number of EzyBrace required:

For strongest bracing, do not use QuickClamps & finish each run using TopClamp mode:

It is the responsibility of the installer to determine if a glass panel is braced adequately.

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